Guidance on the Content Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences

Developers must ensure their apps comply with the Content Guidelines, which includes ensuring the user generated content and user conduct in your app follows the Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences (CCVE). The CCVE outlines requirements that developers should ensure users follow in both public and closed experiences within apps. It also outlines requirements that apply only to public experiences, given their broad audience and reach.

You should consider the following factors to determine whether the experiences within your app are designed for, or are used as, a public or closed experience for the purposes of the CCVE. 

Factors that indicate an experience or space within an app is public include:

  • There are few or no restrictions on who can access the experience or the number of users who can access it
  • The experience is both easily discoverable and joinable (e.g. anyone can find and join the space)
  • The experience is designed for a broad or diverse audience
  • The experience is designed to mimic a real-world public gathering or experience, like a live concert or mall  
  • Users expect interaction with people they may not be connected with, similar to entering a public game lobby 

Factors that indicate an experience or space within an app is closed include:

  • There are restrictions on the number of people who can be in the space at once
  • The experience is not easily discoverable (e.g. the space/room isn’t visible to some users) 
  • The experience is not easily joinable. For example, membership or entry to the space is not available to everyone (e.g. users can only join with an invite or only some users are accepted into the space) or users can be excluded from the space for reasons other than misbehavior
  • Users expect that the space is not public and that they will interact with users they are connected with, or who share common interests relevant to membership or use of the space
  • Users have active, clear and unambiguous choice to join and to leave the space

You can also choose to create additional rules that go above and beyond the CCVE, regardless of whether your app includes public or closed experiences. You should make it clear to users if any experiences in your app are closed, and inform users of any rules that apply beyond the CCVE in your app.

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